JSafe has a lot of resources for those who are quite new to the community, as well as for those who are willing and interested in taking up the advocacy on domestic abuse and violence prevention. Some of the resources are from the archives of the old JSafe website, while there are a couple that were taken from online sources. Click on the link to each source to read the materials.

Domestic Violence Roundtable

This is a good introductory resource for those who want a general overview of domestic violence. It provides detailed information about the problem, including the following topics:

  • Domestic Violence Cycle
  • Domestic Violence Warning Signs
  • Domestic Violence and Its Effects on Children
  • How to Stop Abuse
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Elder Abuse
  • Bullying

Definitely a good and informative read for everyone in the JSafe community!

National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence

This paper is entitled “Jewish Perspectives in Domestic Violence” and was prepared by Toby Myers, Ed.D. of the National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence of Houston, Texas.

Jewish Virtual Library

The Jewish Virtual Library discusses domestic violence in relation to the Jewish community. The discussion is divided into three parts: Medieval Attitudes in the Muslim World, Medieval Attitudes in Ashkenaz, and Contemporary Perspectives.

No Place for the Destroyer

This is an audio recording of Rabbi Mark Dratch talking about the unexpected aftermath of over 200 years of slavery and the expectations that fell short. The summary says, “About 210 years of slavery, you would have expected a buzz of frenzied activity, yet they were told to stay in their houses, an odd thing to do as they prepared for their future as a free people.”

Sexual Abuse and Marital Rape

This material contains information on and statistics of sexual abuse and marital rape from The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Center for Disease Control.

Domestic Abuse is a Community Issue

This paper by Rabbi Mark Dratch talks about domestic abuse in the Jewish community. You’ll pick up a lot of informative details from this material, as well as statistics and suggestions for action.