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Honoring Abusive Parents
Hakirah XII
Rabbi Mark Dratch

Fall/Winter 2010-2011
"A Commentary on Religion and Domestic Violence"
M. Fortune, A. Abugideiri, and M. Dratch
Al-Raida, Issue 131-132

Community Responses to Members Accused or Indicted of Crimes
Chavrusa Magazine
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

"I Do? Consent And Coercion in Sexual Relations"
Rav Chesed: Essays in Honor of Rabbi Dr. Haskel Lookstein," R. Medoff, ed., (Ktav, 2009)
Rabbi Mark Dratch

"Is There a Mitzvah to Honor Abusive Parents?"
Rabbi Mark Dratch
October 21, 2007 HaTzofeh

Violence Against Women in Hebrew Literature
(Hebrew), by Yael Levine
October 5, 2007 HaTzofeh

In the Merit of the Righteous Women We Were Redeemed from Egypt

A text study presented by Rabbi Mark Dratch
at "Beyond Awareness: Effecting Change: JWI's 3rd International Conference on Domestic Abuse in the Jewish Community"
March 18 , 2007
Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, MD

Abuse in Our Community? Protecting our Future – Halakhic and Legal Methods to Stop Predators and Enablers.
Rabbi Mark Dratch, Founder and Director of JSafe
Elliot Pasik, Attorney for Abuse Victims and Author of NYS Background Check Law
Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi of Ohab Zedek
Mark Weiss, Abuse Survivor and Advocate for Change and Education
Moderated by Rabbi Maury Kelman, Attorney
Congregation Ohab Zedek, New York, NY

Few Are Guilty, but All Are Responsible: The Obligations to Help Survivors of Abuse
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

A Peek Under the Rug
The Jewish Week
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Reining in Abuse: A Six Part Series
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
By Eugene L. Meyer And Richard Greenberg

Couldn’t Be! Do Alleged Perpetrators of Abuse Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt?
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

The Shame of It All: The Real Shonda in Revealing Abuse
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

The Divine Honor Roll: Kevod ha-Beriyot (Human Dignity) in Jewish Law and Thought
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Should I Call the Police? Clarifying the Issurim of Mesira and Chilul Hashem
(Includes Q&A session)

The Problems of Charismatic Leadership
By Michael Shiner

Transcript of ABC's Nightline program on the case of Avraham Mondrowitz

What to do with Abusive Rabbis: Halachic Considerations?
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Are Blogs Kosher?
The Jewish Week
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

How Does Jewish Law Define Sexual Abuse?
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Facing up to Abuse?
The Jewish Week
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Shalom Bayit: Family Conflict & Harmony

Peace is an important, and at times, the most important value in the various aspects of our lives. No blessing can truly be enjoyed without it. For this reason, all of our blessings end with a prayer for peace.
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

A Prayer for Victims/Survivors of Abuse

By Rabbi Mark Dratch

No Place For The Destroyer (Audio Dvar Torah)
After 210 years of slavery, you would have expected a buzz of frenzied activity, yet they were told to stay in their houses, an odd thing to do as they prepared for their future as a free people.
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Sexual Abuse and Marital Rape
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

A lesson From Passover

The Faith Institute
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

The 411 on 911
Reporting Jewish Abusers to the Civil Authorities
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Domestic Abuse is a Community Issue

By Rabbi Mark Dratch

Let Them Talk
The Mitzvah to Speak Lashon Hara
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

“The Pope and a Question of Immunity.”
By Rabbi Mark Dratch

The Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse of Children
By Rabbi Mark Dratch
Originally published by the RCA Roundtable, Nissan 5752. This article also appears in the Domestic Violence Handbook of the Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles and in the Rabbinic Guide for DomesticViolence of Jewish Women International.

Forgiving the Unforgivable?
Jewish Insights into Repentance and Forgiveness
Originally appeared in the Journal of Religion and Abuse, Vol. 4(4) 2002

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